Design Pique: Loft Decor

I’ve hinted at our big move a few times here, but our loft is still in disarray! I can’t believe how long it takes to settle into a new place. We’ve never had this amazing chance to start with a blank canvas, so we’re taking our time to get it just right! Until the loft is ready for its debut, here are some of the ideas that are inspiring our space:

Loft Decor

  1. Stylish Shelving: I think we’ve seen it everywhere, bookshelves are not just for books anymore. I love the pretty touches like flowers, and more personal things like sketches we’ve made. For the shelves near the bedroom, I like to put my shoes on display.
  2. Clever Storage: We love our space, but (just like everywhere else) storage is limited. We were inspired when we saw this pop-top table at West Elm, and we actually ended up purchasing it! Shopping tip: always check if the store sells old floor models, we got ours for nearly 50% off!
  3. Neutral Harmonies:This living space is *the one* that sparked my imagination. The light contrasts in color and the mix of textures is both stylish and welcoming! See more photos here.
  4. Lively Greens: A great way to add a personal touch to any space is to bring in some life. Right now, I’m working on building a window garden. Don’t be intimidated if you’ve never grown anything before, I started with a hydroponic basil plant purchased at the grocery store about two months ago and it’s still sprouting leaves and supplying our dinners.
  5. Custom Accents: Don’t let budget be the reason you don’t own furniture you love. There are so many DIY resources and projects out there to personalize furniture if you’re willing to try. This Apartment Therapy list inspired us to turn an Ikea Kallax into a unique TV bench/media storage unit & bar. Yes, it does that many things.
  6. Gallery Walls: Since the explosion of phonetography, we’ve gotten into the habit of letting millions of photos get lost in the rush. A gallery wall is a great way to take your decor to the next level. Not only does it preserve the special moments, but you can display your own art projects, and disguise that giant television.

I’ve noticed lots of people have moved recently, so I’m curious to know – what inspired your decor?

Image Sources:

Domaine Home – Hillary Kerr: Book Smart
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Bungalow Blue – Disguise a TV in a Fab Gallery Wall
Donna Dotan – The Printing House, West Village
Apartment Therapy – “Ever Evolving” Classically Modern Reno House Tour

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Design Pique: Quinta De Lemos, Portugal

As part of the latest revamp of Ripped Nylon, I’m bringing in more aspects of my life back into the blog, and giving you a taste of what’s piquing my interest in the world of architecture and design. Enjoy!

Is anyone else nursing a case of Travel Fever?

Summer’s just getting started and I’m off for my first trip in two days! I fell in love with this winery and wish I could visit Europe this year, but alas… a new apartment throws you into serious budget mode. While I can’t take a trip to Portugal right now, I’m adding Viseu to my list of stops on the “dream vacation” travel board:

De Lemos Winery

The roof/viewing deck at De Lemos Winery | Image c/o Architizer

Tailored to the natural landscape, the restaurant/showroom/guest house (so functional!) exists in quiet harmony with the environment. The minimalist look may seem cold, but there are warm touches in the guest rooms (dark wood, fluffy rugs, pillows).

A guest room at Quinta De Lemos.

A guest room at Quinta De Lemos |Image c/o Architizer

One of my favorite features is that the view is different as you move through the space; no two positions see the same landscape! The layout makes it so that even with floor-to-ceiling windows, the guest rooms feel private. In their project description, the architects said:

“The bedroom is not just the private domain; it includes other spaces… which makes this equipment different from the usual offer of temporary lodging. The bedroom is really a small house.”

With a roof that doubles as a viewing deck, a covered pool with sliding glass doors, and nothing but miles of wine grapes surrounding it, De Lemos sounds like my kind of getaway!

The pool at Quinta De Lemos

The covered pool at Quinta De Lemos with sliding glass facade. | Image c/o Architizer

Tell me, darlings, where’s your dream getaway, and does design affect where you choose to say?


Quinta De Lemos

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What to Wear: Summer Lights

Hello Darlings! After months of figuring out the blog’s direction, I’m back and re-energized! Stay tuned for some more changes, but I’ll be keeping Style Q&A as a running series, so send in your questions!

What should I wear for a family photo shoot? (We decided on white/cream clothing, but I still don’t know what to wear!)

AFamily photo shoots always come loaded with the “Goldbergs” stigma – you know… the nightmare that you’ll all wear matching outfits and end up in one of those “Awkward Family Photos” lists:


p.s. If you haven’t watched the show, do.

When you’re not attending one of the 25 weddings you’re invited to this year, white is the perfect summer staple. Trends may come and go, but clean lines, light colors, and statement shoes or accessories will never fail you. I built this style board with that in mind, and gathered up some sophisticated pieces for the photo shoot and beyond:

The key to getting the look is balance: loose wrap tops and straight-leg pants combos or wide-strapped fit & flare dresses. For shoes, pick neutral statements – they’ll fit in with the palette, but can give a leg-lengthening boost to any outfit. Accessories will be what really makes the outfit yours, so feel free to layer on as little or as much as you want!

I’m so excited to be writing again, keep the questions coming! Until next time, adieu.

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Love from Charleston!

Hello Darlings!

If you’ve seen my Instagram lately, you might have noticed a change in scenery, because I’ve left the cold in NJ for some southern hospitality! It’s my first time in Charleston, and I love it! The weather has been brilliant, and I’ve met so many wonderful people. I came down for Charleston Fashion Week on some pretty short notice, and it turned out to be a perfectly timed vacation from the daily grind, no regrets!

A few moments so far:


The emerging designers competition has be fierce, and I’ll be posting my favorite shows when I’m back home, but while I’m here, it’s all about enjoying myself ;)

p.s. follow me on Instagram for more real-time updates!

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Love these colors, need to start thinking about some decor moves for the new place!


Beautiful blues. Colorful doors have been an exterior architectural feature for centuries and are working their way indoors. We love the bold style statement that can tie rooms together and be a stand out in your home. A bit nervous about going bold and adding color to your door? No need to worry. Remember it’s paint which is a design decision that can be easily updated as your taste changes.

Love these colors, need to start thinking about some decor moves for the new place!


Beautiful blues. Colorful doors have been an exterior architectural feature for centuries and are working their way indoors. We love the bold style statement that can tie rooms together and be a stand out in your home. A bit nervous about going bold and adding color to your door? No need to worry. Remember it’s paint which is a design decision that can be easily updated as your taste changes.

12 Cool (Weather) Flats

The weather in NY/NJ is driving me completely crazy! Nothing in my closet is cool or warm enough for the next temperature swing/pending snowstorm. Layering is really the only option, but it starts to feel like the same old outfit, so my first thought for a quick fix is always shoes, so a while back I came up with a few affordable options!

My favorites are the quilted sneakers, but they’re not available (boo) so I found similar ones that I’m hoping to pick up as an early birthday goodie!

Full disclosure: I don’t have a relationship with any of the brands shown above, I just wanted to share the flats I’m considering getting myself – if you like any of them, the image is all linked up for you, so check it out and let me know if you end up shopping or are inspired to find your own transition flats!

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3 Young Designers to Follow NOW: By Misha A/W14 Presentation

bymisha-aw14 1Now that Fashion Week has moved on to Paris, New York seems lost in the past, but it was only two short weeks ago!

During NYFW, I had the pleasure of attending the By Misha A/W ’14 presentation at the Lali Lali gallery on Broadway. There were strings of light bulbs hanging down from the ceiling which gave the space a warm glow. Models posed in the center of the space, on a variety of small platforms and chairs. The music was energetic, but not overwhelming, just like the clothing!

bymisha-aw14 4bymisha-aw14 5

With delicate textures cut at interesting angles, the pieces speak to women who love the classics but want to stand out. Colors ranged from forest green to soft pink, but my favorite looks were the black and snake-print shorts & tux set (below), and the maroon blazer with lace overlay skirt(pictured above):

bymisha-aw14 2bymisha-aw14 3

The stunning statement jewelry is from GBGH (for “Go Big or Go Home”) and the amazing handbags are from Mary Lai NYC. The best part about the entire presentation was that I was able to meet the young designers behind the pieces! They were all down-to-earth women, and you could feel their passion for their work just by how they talked about the evening. Look out for their upcoming interview features here on Ripped Nylon!
bymisha-aw14 6
bymisha-aw14 7

p.s. check out this awesome video of the event by Enrique Vasquez and see if you can spot me the background…

ELOQUENCE By Misha Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection from Enrique Vasquez on Vimeo.

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Fashion Q&A: 5 Layering TIps for Guys

“Any tips on layering up without looking like a mountain man?”

And here I was, thinking that the mountain look was the goal (I blame the Mister for brainwashing me with his super beard this winter) but for all you city boys out there, here’s how to stay warm in style:

1. Ditch the long johns.
The first, and easiest, step is to focus on keeping your core warm with a good insulating layer. Instead of your old waffle knits, which cause preemptive bulk, go for something more modern like Uniqlo’s Heattech shirts in a crew or v-neck, both of which work under just about anything. (note: please do not wear a crew neck under a v-neck sweater)

2. Add texture to your button-ups.
Instead of your usual flat, mid-weight cotton button-ups, experiment with more interesting (and heavier) fabrics, like oxford, patterned corduroy, or a nice washed denim. These choices will keep you in line with your job’s dress code and simultaneously extend your wardrobe choices for the weekend!

3. Get a v-neck sweater or a cardigan.
Seriously, this is an easy way to take your cool new button-up to the next level (double points if there’s a nice contrast). And yes, it has to be a v-neck or a cardigan, because a short “V” will frame your collar and the deep “V” of a cardigan will frame and elongate your torso. Add a tie in the morning and take it off just before happy hour for the easiest office-to-casual transition ever.

4. Invest in an awesome blazer.
By which I mean you shouldn’t even own anything else that looks better on you than this key item, so I suggest you look carefully, try it on with something you intend to wear with it, and don’t be discouraged by pricing. Instead, consider it in terms of price-per-wear. I normally encourage exploration, but because this will hopefully be a longtime wardrobe staple (maximizing your price/wear), I say stick to the classics and try not to be drawn in by of-the-moment patterns and colors. (Side note: this piece is so elusive that I couldn’t even find many examples online because the models don’t look nearly as good as you will when you find your perfect match!)

5. Accessorize (Seriously.)
As important as your core, keeping your extremities warm is a must, and even scarves come in stylish forms. Rule number one, they don’t have to match! Throw some more personality into your look with a patterned scarf and mixed media gloves (ex: wool and leather). If a hat really isn’t your style, a coat with detachable hood is the way to go for when the temperature hits biting lows.

Bonus: Find a tailor, be their friend.
A great way to keep warm is to have jacket linings replaced with warmer materials. Many dry cleaners have a tailor on staff, and all you have to do is bring in the jacket and fabric!
p.s. please, no rabbit fur, you don’t want your coat to look like it was designed by Joe Namath.

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Untitled #2433 by justjules2332 featuring a brass lightMango transparent blouse / David Koma black velvet jacket / Preen zipper pants / Zara black high heel shoes / Burberry logo watch / Mimco kohl jewelry, $54 / Burberry black scarve, $295 / Clips black hair accessory, $8.35 / Clé de Peau Beauté eye pencil makeup / Philosophy facial cleanser / Kahina Giving Beauty gift sets kit / T3 wide comb / Artek brass light / CELINE(セリーヌ) Luggage ラゲージ・ミニ ショッパー, $2,435

Shop the Runway: Go Navy

This is how you make a classic color cool, in love with the navy today!